♥ Best Buddies ♥

  Nur Hidayu Bt Mohdzin 

  my 1st buddy <3 

  sweet 16 

  a shy . HAHA 

  good in mathematics 

  good enough in additional mathematics 

  even she was lazy, but she's still an expert girl 

  Nurul Nabilah Bt Baba 

  sweet 16 

  higher than me   =.='

  love to make an aesthetic sentences 
  confinement challenged 

  has many stories to tell on anyone she wants 

  expert in historical subject 

  Nurnabilah Ain Bt Abdul Jalil 

  sweet 16 

  a dedicated prefect 
  always adhere to what she said 
  a friendly and open minded 

  an intelligent 

♥  Farah Wahida Bt Mohamed 

  sweet 16 

  a cute and shy girl 

  love to be surprised 

  a friendly 

  easy to love something interesting 

  a peer mentors 

  Marliyana Mayamin Bt Abdul Kahar 

  has a beautiful name 

  sweet 16 
  maybe a grumpy girl 

  a polite girl 

  hate with 'gedik' girl 

  a clever girl 

  Fatin Amanina Bt Shahrul Affendi 

  sweet 16 

  clever in BI 

  a cheerful girl 

  Fanatical fans of Korean artists 

  she love to hold + pull my hand  =.='
  had a lot of story about korean to tell me and ayu 

  Nur Arina Aqilah Bt Khairul Nizam 

  sweet 16 

  clever in Mathematics 

  a beautiful girl 

  a politely girl 
  always keep her beautiful 
  can sometimes be a bit harsh 

♥  Siti Syahirah Bt Shaari 

  sweet 16 

  a.k.a Deqgurl 

  love to laugh 

  had many foster siblings 

   has its own style 

   blushful girl 

  Nur Hidayah Bt Mokhtar 

  sweet 16 

  from Kuantan 

  hot stuff + sweetiest 

  a clever girl 

  people always say she wore botox 

  super genius 

  Puteri Nur Adawiah Bt Che Hat 

   a.k.a Anak Raja 

  sweet 16 

  a sociable girl 
  love to laugh 


  dare to make a difference 

  Maya Natasya Nadia Bt Misran 

  sweet 16 
  a sweety + clever girl 
  have very long hair like Rapunzel 

  her hands are always moving when talking 
  think more mature than others 

  have a style in her way 

♥ tulus dan ikhlas dari lubuk hati yang dalam ♥

no copycat please!